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Consumer 信息rmation

The University of Phoenix makes available required consumer information in our Consumer 信息rmation Guide. Review this guide for the up-to-date information on a variety of topics including, 但不限于, 以下几点:

  • Protecting Your 信息rmation. Get info on the University’s Family 教育al Rights and 隐私 Act (FERPA) policy, including what information can and cannot be released without your consent.
  • Financial Assistance Available to 学生s. Learn about federal, state and University grants and scholarships, as well as all you need to know about federal loan programs, including interest rate, 贷款限制, and deferment/repayment options. 
  • 信息rmation about University of Phoenix. Get info on things like University accreditation and licensure, academic programs and policies, 成本的出勤率, 学费退款, 设施, 教师, disability 服务, copyright infringement and more.
  • 信息rmation about 学生 Demographics, Metrics, and Outcomes.  Get important details on student demographics, 借款, 保留, 毕业, alumni occupations and alumni attending graduate school.
  • 校园安全. 找到 out about our security policies, including emergency mass notification and the sex offender registry.
  • Alcohol and drug abuse. Get information on prevention, health risks, counseling programs and sanctions for violations.

An 存档 of the previous year Consumer 信息rmation Guide is also available. Where applicable, each section lists specific locations where additional information is available. 另外, the right to request and receive this information in writing is available by emailing your request to Consumer信息